How to Find Profitable Niches for your Affiliate Marketing?

how to find profitable niches

Do you know how to find profitable niches for you affiliate marketing campaign? Your success in affiliate marketing depends on the potency of your chosen market. Most experts would suggest that it’s really simple in a sense. You just need to find a hot market and then you establish yourself firmly as you present as many hot products as possible to hungry buyers.

Mastering how to find profitable niches can really make things easy and a lot of marketers became really rich because of this. But let us face the truth, when you’re just getting started, nothing is ever easy. In fact, it may seem so confusing and misleading at first.

So I want to focus on the idea of niche research along with the most common mistakes that a lot of people tend to commit repeatedly. But if you can eliminate those mistakes, your life as an affiliate marketer can become easier and sales or conversions will become more consistent.

When mastering how to find profitable niches, there are things that you should avoid.

Some Quick Tips

First of all, let’s look at the most common mistake of beginners in affiliate marketing. The number one is diversification. As declared by most super affiliates, they actually make their millions from just one or two niches. The point is you should make the most out of a certain niche and really give it your best shot before deciding on targeting another niche.

And what you’ve just read may not be convincing at first but yes, most successful affiliate marketers choose few specific and lucrative niches. They spend hours on just dog training, or just weight loss, or relationships niche. They simply connect to the right audience and target them over and over again with high quality products.

Secondly, most successful affiliate marketers who master how to find profitable niches test the ever green ones that are proven solid money makers. So which are the big niches? Some of them are weight loss, make money online, Forex, self help, muscle gain, dog training, and relationships niches.

How to Find Profitable Niches

Of course by simply advising to try what already works isn’t enough especially for beginners. So let’s get into more details on what you can promote. Fortunately, we have several methods to get you started.

In terms of finding initial product ideas, it is logical to start with the affiliate network of your choice and Amazon which is undoubtedly the leading ecommerce site online. Also, Google can never be out of the picture when doing research.

market-researchAmazon Method

Let’s take a look at the method of using Amazon. This is where you can find a niche with a large customer base. This is more like narrowing down your options a bit. What you need to do first is to identify how wide the potential audience is.

To do this, go to Amazon and start browsing products and categories. Take note that categories can already suggest a type of niche while going deeper may expose you to numerous potential micro niches. Your interest on a certain niche or topic means a lot simply because you will spend a lot of time dealing with it as you go along.

So make sure it is something you would like to write about and promote in the coming months or years. For instance, if you just hate dogs or couldn’t care less about weight loss, then these niches might not be your paths to success.

Now with Amazon, check out some of the best-selling books and find ones that have good amount of reviews – around 20. So 20 reviews are good enough? You might ask. The answer is yes. This should be good enough. For people who have mastered how to find profitable niches using Amazon, they are fully aware that only 1 out of 1000 people actually leaves reviews so 20 reviews should be a lot already.

The ideal thing is to find multiple products with more than 20 reviews. Actually it doesn’t matter if you have hundreds or just few products. What matters is the breadth of potential customers buying those products. With these hot products, you don’t need to do a lot of keyword research because the product names or brand names are enough for you to survive.

Moving on to your Affiliate Network

As an affiliate marketer, you are most likely a member of an affiliate network. Some of the most famous are Clickbank, Commission Junction, Paydotcom, and many more.

Generally, you will need to consider the commission rates when choosing a product and Amazon may not fit your preferences.

Within your affiliate network, you might have better choices on what to market – a product niche that you have already identified in Amazon.

Most networks will provide some metrics to show you the most profitable or best selling products. For instance, the gravity metric in Clickbank shows an idea if affiliates really make sales on a certain product. All networks have their own features and functionality to help you narrow down your market research. A lot affiliate marketers fail to make the most out of what their affiliate network offer and move on right away to other options on how to find profitable niches.

Take Advantage of Google

As the leading search engine, Google is where you can find really great products to promote and niches to pursue. For instance by simply typing “[niche name] affiliate program”

Most of the time, you will also encounter forums where real people are interacting and this is where you will have the opportunities to go after a certain product that people really need. By using Google, you can reach places about a certain niche that you have never imagined and might just pave way to your affiliate marketing success.

Stay Focused

There is no perfect answer to your question on how to find profitable niches. But if you’re dead serious about being successful, you will need to maintain your focus and keep testing markets and choose one that can be targeted time and again without easily boring you. It all comes down to putting yourself in the customer’s shoes in order to become a real affiliate marketer.

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