Do You Know Who Mark Ling Is? Meet the Super Affiliate

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There are very few super affiliate marketers in the world that you would want to follow and Mark Ling is certainly one of them. Why? Because he is one of the few marketers out there who earned millions by actually applying what he teach unlike others who actually started deserving the title of being a millionaire only right after people bought their courses. If you would ask me, this person really over delivers. The best part is that he doesn’t teach false hopes but rather complement his techniques with motivational strategies.

super affiliate Mark LingMark Ling hasn’t always been at the top of his field but his unique approach to the online marketing industry (which actually makes sense) and his creative methods, not to mention his customer centric principles have been keeping him going ever since he first tested the waters for different ways to make money online back in 1999. Once you know how he started, you will realize the time you have wasted in serving a traditional job that can barely pay the rent.

The Early Days of Mark Ling

Mark Ling’s online marketing root is in affiliate marketing in which he innocently found something that actually works as his friend Charlie willingly shared his poster selling endeavors while they spend time together in certain squash tournament. Back then, Internet marketing was fairly simple and perhaps you can get away by simply doing a good job on your on-page SEO. But a few marketers still make the millions that we hear about nowadays. In short, there is still money to be made. Mark and Charlie started by simply driving traffic to Geocities based websites which is monetized by selling posters.

Mark revealed that his friend Charlie was making $50 a week by simply linking to a website that sells posters. Right away, he followed by making a little tweak and decided to promote posters of celebrities and ended up developing several sites which actually allowed him to quit his pizza delivery job and make a modest profit from his new hobby.

A very wise decision came after realizing something that works. Mark Ling and his friends rented a place, setup a batch of older 486 computers and started developing websites during their breaks between their classes. That is how he started mastering how online marketing interactions work. He simply replicated what works and then kept adjusting to the continuously evolving market and now he is one of the leaders of the affiliate marketing industry. If you don’t know him, then you’re not an affiliate marketer.

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The Recent Successes

Using the skills he learned in the early days of his online marketing career, Mark Ling developed a number of other websites; most of them are affiliate sites in the ever green niches like dog training, marriage, relationships, language courses, and video games. Becoming a more flexible marketer, he was able to adjust his techniques as Adwords was introduced in 2003 and social media bloom in 2005.

Today, Mark is definitely aware of the vast opportunities in affiliate marketing and is now willing to share the things that made him the millionaire that he is. Currently, he continuously develops his very own affiliate marketing websites, eventually launching the Affilorama Company with his flagship Affiloblueprint membership product. Affilorama is a repository if webinars, tele-seminars, tool, resources, and communities for affiliate marketers, showing how active Mark is in his field. You will find him collaborating with other well known marketers to bring you the best solutions possible and to help any aspiring affiliate marketer in every online marketing decision.

Affiloblueprint is made up of several steps that teach and demonstrate how to build your own affiliate websites from scratch. His tutorials are so detailed that you will only need basic computer skills and of course the right mindset.

Mark Ling is also the founder of a superb all in one SEO and PPC tool called Traffic Travis which comes in both free and paid versions. In the recent months, he started demonstrating his techniques in front of a live audience and has been developing really fascinating products that will make you realize how lucrative affiliate marketing is.

The man currently lives in Christchurch New Zealand with his family. As expected, with the freedom of opinions offered by the Internet, there are still some negative reviews about him or his products. But most of them obviously involve minor issues brought out by typical marketers who complain before really taking consistent actions.

So what do you think of Mark? Share your thoughts by commenting. Thanks!

*some images rightfully owned by Mark Ling (of course) :)

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